Smile for the camera…

I know there’s been a bit of a break between posts…bad blogger me!

Just thought I’d pop a quick post in to fill you in on the exciting morning I’ve just had…we’ve just been filmed for a Carte Blanche segment on MFI. For all you dodgey foreigners out there who may not know, Carte Blanche is a current affairs investigative series and is the longest-running show currently on South African television. At the beginning of this year, they created two spin-off series, one of which is Carte Blanche Medical. It was for this show that HopefullyTCC and I were interviewed this morning.

A couple of weeks ago, Kitty8218 on the Fertilicare forum posted that when watching the CB Medical show, they’d made an appeal at the end of the show for guys suffering with MFI to please contact them, as they wanted to do a segment on this issue. Hopefully & I thought about it, discussed the pros and cons of coming out the IF closet on national television, and then decided “what the hell” – more good could possibly come from it than bad…and I’ve been complaining for long enough about infertiles who complain that fertiles are insensitive, when these same infertiles haven’t told anyone – how can someone be sensitive or insensitive when they have no idea you’re struggling with something?!? So, time to practise what I preach and come dashing out the closet – with bells, whistles and a marching bad!

I submitted my story, and, to cut a long story short, Bongani Bingwa, Angus the producer I’d been talking to, and Greg the cameraman, arrived at our place at 08:30 this morning to interview us about our IF journey.

I must be honest (as always) and say I was nervous.

A tiny bit nervous about coming out the closet in such a way, but that wasn’t the main thing. The thing that kept me awake at nights was the thought of having this opportunity to explain MFI to fertiles, the chance to reach out to other guys facing similar problems and making them feel a little less ashamed of their fertility issues, the potential to start the debate hopefully encouraging more guys to speak up…to have this once in a lifetime chance to make a small difference in the lives of infertiles, and to cock it up – that’s what scared me the most.

I’m big enough and ugly enough to handle any comments that might be thrown around after this segment is aired – it’s not that they won’t hurt or cause me pain or embarrassment, but I think I can stand up for myself and take those comments from whence they may come – ignorant peasants mostly! The most important people in my life have known about my infertility for some time now, and have all been incredibly supportive. Anyone else who isn’t gonna be supportive can take a long walk off a short pier as far as I’m concerned.

I just hope against hope that the segment does make it to air, that I didn’t sound like a loony, or pathetic, and that I haven’t made a complete arse of myself. Having my large backside being jabbed with meds on video in the public domain makes this a distinct possibility.

But most of all, I just hope something we’ve said this morning will make it onto national television and make a little difference… for fertiles and infertiles out there who may see it. Because if it does in some small way make a difference in other peoples lives, then this shitty journey I’ve been on since being told 19 years ago that I’d never have children, may well have been worth it.

~ by HopelesslyTTC on 16/09/2010.

13 Responses to “Smile for the camera…”

  1. Blimey, how nerve racking! Good for you, I’m sure you were both great. CT x

  2. How brave– thank you for sharing, and I’m sure that it will make a difference. Who cares about the few idiots who say dumb things, most will learn a great deal and I’m glad that you took this opportunity, as scary as it was.

  3. that’s fantastic! How wonderful (and scary) to be able to speak about this publically. I know that this will make a difference to people, both for fertiles to understand and for infertiles who are in hiding.

  4. KUDOS to you for your courage to “come dashing out of the closet”. The rest of the world needs to be more informed and educated about male infertility, and you are truly a pioneer in getting the word out. Hopefully the Director and Producer of your segment will also see the importance and value of your cause, and help you get the word out. (Kudos to your wife too, for supporting you in this endeavor!) Please keep us posted on how things work out.

  5. You have such courage for doing that. I hope it makes it on air and makes a difference.

  6. Round of applause!!!
    I’ll be looking out for the segment and I’ll yell that ‘I know that guy!!’ 🙂 You’re an inspiration to me Hopelessly. The loving way you and your wife support each other through this journey gives me hope.
    As a ‘fertile’, I’m so glad that you mentioned the insensitivity issue. I don’t think fertiles deliberately try to be insensitive and hurtful to infertile people (with the exception of a few randoms). As you say, how could they know the pain of your journey without walking a while in your shoes. I think given the opportunity, we can be very supportive and caring.
    As always, love your posts. Don’t stay away for so long next time (naughty blogger lol) 😉

  7. Wow, I am so impressed with your courage. This is very big of you and very brave. Both you and Hopefully are amazing. Please keep us posted on when the segment is expected to air. I will be watching out for it.

  8. oh my goodness! oh wow!!!! I can’t imagine how nervous you must’ve been.. no seriously, I can’t!! Good luck – will you KUP on when it’s to be aired?

  9. Well done! I am so pleased that you had the courage to do such a brave thing and I just know it’s going to make a big difference to so many people. Please, please let us know when it is going to be aired so I can make sure to watch and tell as many people as possible. You and your DW can be very proud of yourselves and tick off “make a difference in someones life” off your bucket list.

  10. Thanks all for your encouraging comments.

    We are waiting with bated breathe for a call from the producer to let us know whether it will make it to air or not (although don’t expect to hear till the end of this week if we’re lucky).

    I’m a bit concerned to see the final version if it does make it, because I have no idea on how they will edit it, what they will keep/discard. There are certain lines I really hope they keep in, but we’ve got no control over it. Also, no idea what the Doc said about our case when they interviewed him the day before…which all adds up to feeling more nervous now than I did before the filming!!

    I promise to advertise the fact if it is going to make it to air…

    Thanks guys

  11. Well done. I think that you really have done something great and something brave. YAY!

  12. Way to go Definitley 😉 (prefer to use your DW’s term for you) I really hope it gets to air and we can all applaud you from the sidelines.

    Also what better way to celebrate than to hear of your cycle having worked and that long awaited BFP finally hitting your senses.


  13. […] hubby’s blog, because I am about to tell you all about our TV interview, which he has already written about.  But I want to share my perspective because I am so damn excited about this show airing […]

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