Shiver me timbers…

It’s getting exciting now!!! Just a quick update for you guys…

Your mom phoned the clinic earlier today to check up on you guys… 3 embies doing well (2 at 4 cell stage and 1 at 3 cell stage).

Transfer booked for tomorrow morning – {insert well used metaphor about transferring back to the Mother Ship here}.

I’m assuming we will have time to chat to the Prof about how many we’re transferring, etc.

Just decided that I want to find someone who embroiders baby-grows…we can have some made up with the following:

  • Hand Made in Pinelands, or
  • Hand Made at Aevitas Clinic, Pinelands (maybe the clinic will pay for the embroidery as a sponsorship arrangement)
  • My folks are so lazy, they weren’t even there at my conception
  • My folks went to Pinelands, and all I got was conceived
  • I’m so impatient, I was outside my mother’s womb before I was conceived

I believe that after transfer, they recommend you lay down for half an hour to make sure those embies don’t ‘drop out’…I’ve decided that we need to make doubly sure we’re super safe, so I’m going to rig some stirrups up in the back of your mom’s car tomorrow. That way, she can lay down comfortably on the back seat with her legs in the air the whole way home. Once home, I can carry her into the bedroom and she can spend the rest of the day, laying on the bed with her heels against the wall (sort of in the same position she used to adopt after sex when we thought I had sperm). We’ll tie some blankets around her legs so they don’t get cold and I’ll feed her soup for dinner…I reckon it should be okay for her to stand up around 6am Friday morning when she needs to get ready for work. Or am I getting a little carried away???

Anyway, we’re going out tonight – date night…dinner and a movie…because we need to do something to take our minds off of things, even if only for an hour or two. And who knows, this could be the last night ever where we’re officially just a couple…because if the beta’s come back in two weeks time with the right numbers, it’ll mean that your mom was pregnant from 9am tomorrow morning…

Oohh, I just got a shiver like that hyena in The Lion King when they say ‘Mufasa’

‘Pregnant’…ooohhh…say it again…’Pregnant’….aahhhh…shiver…

~ by HopelesslyTTC on 14/07/2010.

7 Responses to “Shiver me timbers…”

  1. Congrats on your embies and I love your embroidery idea. Just to put your mind at rest….the embies CAN’T fall out. It is actually physically impossible. The uterus is like a balloon and ‘hugs’ them once they are in. So don’t worry too much about that.

  2. Great embroidery idea’s. I wanted a baby t-shirt with “Work of A.R.T.”, but never got around to making one.

    I’ve also been told they won’t fall out. The story I got was that the uterine lining is very sticky, like a raspberry jam sandwich.
    Lying down afterward may be a psychological trick to let the transfer sink in … in your mind. 🙂 The first clinic I went to made my lie down 15 minutes (with full bladder!), the second a full hour (not with full bladder).

    • I love it…definitely getting a ‘Work of ART’ one made up!!

      You guys make me laugh – balloons and raspberry jam sandwiches – sounds like a party…I was taking the piss with the ‘falling out’ scenario…but I could really picture us driving home with her legs sticking out of the windows…would be pretty damn funny to see other people’s faces as we drove past! Maybe we’ll do it anyway to help keep the Utrogestan suppositories in!! ROFL.
      Thanks for commenting guys.

  3. At least us IVF moms don’t have any embarassing, “How did I get into your tummy questions?” coming our way one day. The dads, not so lucky. What do we tell our 1 daughter who was frozen for a while???? It’s all a bit surreal.

  4. pregnant Pregnant PREGNANT!

    • Oooohhhh…shiver, Shiver, SHIVER!!!
      Take care of those little ones inside you my gorgeous one. And know that whatever happens, you’ll always be the light in my life (lets just hope we have a few Twinkles to add to the family).
      Luv ya

  5. Crying with laughter about your post… Mufasa ooohhhh…

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