Hi Kids.

I’ve got some progress to report to you two…this morning (before dawn had cracked) your mom had her CD3 scan for our first IVF cycle…

One thing you need to know about your folks – we don’t mess around!

None of this “try this” or “try that” for us…none of this hanging around and discussing possible action plans…nope. Your mom and I are straight to the point; we’re jumping in with both feet, the lilo and the kitchen sink!

Within eight and a half weeks of discovering we have sperm, we’re into our first IVF cycle using ICSI. In fact, it’s probably PICSI…no half-arsed messing around for these two – straight in at the deep end. Training wheels are for sissies.

At some ungodly hour this morning, your mom and I got up, showered and dressed and got into our two separate cars to drive through to the clinic. First appointment of the morning – Mrs Mommy-in-waiting and Mr HopelesslyTTC. Through to the scanning room and off with the clothes (your mom this time) It makes a pleasant change for me to visit the clinic and not have to strip, get felt up or visit the Wank Tank to ejaculate into a tiny sample container – the equivalent of threading a needle whilst drunk on a small boat in high seas. Your mom stripped, put on that attractive little gown and climbed onto the little split-level bed. Within moments,  Dr S made his appearance and immediately we experienced his incredible bedside manner – no awkwardness, no discomfort, lots of patting of your mom’s knee as he chatted while waiting for the dildo cam to boot up – an incredible mix of medical business-like efficiency and friendly warmth and comfort – I can see why so many of his patients seem to be mildly in love with the guy (and if this whole exercise works, I may be slightly in love with him too – in a totally masculine, non-sexual, back slapping and manly-punches-to-the-shoulder kind of way).

Within seconds we were all glued to the screen like a crack addict looking for his dealer. He talked us through it all, checking the uterine lining (anatomically termed the endometrium for the science nerds out there, or to prevent any ‘useful corrections’ from the trolls) to make sure it’s nice and thin (this is the very beginning of the cycle so we want it thin to start with and then to thicken nicely ready for implantation). He checked the ovaries and we could clearly see the dark patches of the growing follicles – one on the one side and 4 or 5 on the other side. Lastly, Dr S confirmed no cysts or anything else that would lead him to cancel the cycle.

So we’re good to go… first pass/fail point successfully navigated. TICK.

It was at this point that I began to wonder when the aliens abducted your mother.

You see, Dr S broke the news that he’ll be away for the next two weeks, so one of the other two doctors at the clinic would do the CD8 scan, the egg retrieval and the transfer…really disappointing news (specially when you take into account your mom’s feelings about one of the two – the one she loving refers to as “Dr Shit for Brains”). When he told us, I expected your mom to hit the roof, a mixture of anger and disappointment…which would have been totally understandable under the circumstances. Let me try put this nicely – your mom is a A-type personality who likes things to go as she expected, she has a short fuse (think microns not millimetres) and is very generous – she never hesitates to give someone a piece of her mind…But, she took it in her stride, no fuss no worries, just a slight tell-tale look in her eyes that betrayed her keen disappointment.

Honestly…where’s my wife gone…

Dr S left us to allow your mom to get dressed and we headed over to the nurses station to get the meds. For anyone interested, the protocol she’ll be on for this cycle is  3 amps of Menopur for a couple of days, then two amps till the next scan (CD8), as well as taking 2 Fertomid tabs a day (100mg). At the CD8 scan they’ll see how the follies are growing and adjust meds accordingly.

Your mom gave herself the Menopur shot into her tummy this morning under the watchful eye of the nurse, and although she was understandably a little nervous, she did it with no fuss and it apparently didn’t hurt at all. We hugged and kissed goodbye in the car park and your mom headed off to work and I headed home to come tell you all about it…I really hope this more laid-back version of your mother is here to stay for a little while – it really feels like she’s in the perfect place emotionally, to deal with this cycle and all it involves and it’s awesome to see.

So, we’re in business…we’re on track…we’re in the game…and any other metaphors or sayings used to denote the fact that we are now actually in an IVF cycle…

As all infertiles know, there are a lot of pass/fail points still to come, but it really feels like we’ve climbed the biggest hurdle – we got my body producing sperm…and we’re now on the homeward stretch to having you guys physically in our lives. We’re not naive, we know there may be many many detours along this stretch, but we’ve overcome the biggest problem – everything else will be minor delays…well, that’s the way I’m choosing to view it.

5 days till the next scan, the next pass/fail point. We’re hoping for a bucket-full of developing follicles and  nicely thickening lining…but till then, it’s eat well, take the meds, have lots of sex (its doctors orders – just another reason I may fall in love with him) and try deal with this intense Scan-ticipation of what’s to come…

~ by HopelesslyTTC on 30/06/2010.

13 Responses to “Scan-ticipation…”

  1. Good luck! Holding thumbs and all for you guys!

  2. And so begins the roller coaster ride of your life!

    All the best – hoping and praying for a brilliant outcome.

  3. Great news guys, so exciting!!! What’s with these FS’s always prescribing lots of se.x… seriously, what’s the point of that in the IVF?

    • Sshhh…don’t say that out loud…the missus may hear you…and I’m hoping to milk this for all its worth – doctors orders and all that!
      Let me explain the logic here (just in case HopefullTCC tries to back out of this)…it’s not all about you women…us guys do have some tiny part to play in the IVF process…I know you think it’s minor, but as a conscientious husband, it is my sworn duty to make sure the petri is as full of potential ingredients for the ICSI/PICSI as possible. For most guys, that’s not an issue…but for me, we’ve got to be careful. As a result, the doctor has given us strict instructions that the best thing I can do to make the IVF a success, is to have a lot of sex between now and two days before retrieval…and all that sex followed by the two days abstinence should provide the optimum sample for the selection procedure for ICSI/PICSI.
      And I ALWAYS do what the doctor tells me 🙂
      And I didn’t even have to slip him a few hundred rand to say it…although, come to think if it, we did pay them R18,000 shortly thereafter…still it may well be worth it!!!

  4. We were also at the VP clinic and I think I know which other doctor you’re referring to. We had him as well and initially I didn’t like him at all but he was unbelievably awesome when I had a m/c, not that I’m trying to change your minds though, Dr S was also my favourite. After 2 IVF’s and 2 FET’s we landed up having all 3 at some stage or another and in my opinion they’re all brilliant (possibly because we got 3 BFP’s – only 2 daughters though with the 1 m/c). The receptionists are another story all together. So, really hoping this first PICSI will be a fantastic success.

    • Hiya ZA Mom,
      thanks for the comment. Yeh, we had the other doctor initially and he was okay – we just had a real communication problem, and the missus was stressed enough that the difficulty communicating got too much to handle. I don’t doubt for a second that they’re all three very good doctors. I’ve never had a problem with the receptionists – maybe they’re different with guys…but I’ve been in there enough times on my own and they’ve always been fine. I’ve found the nurses can be a bit short/curt at times, but I imagine it’s pretty difficult dealing with highly emotional people all day every day. We’re very happy with the clinic – would recommend them to anyone. Hope your weather in PE is better than it is in Cape Town!

      • Yes, language was an issue made worse by the fact that my DH is Afrikaans and a doctor so he didn’t have a clue which language to speak or whether to speak “medical” or not. We later changed to Dr S as well and never looked back. First time we met though his son had just died in a freak accident at home and he was still so unbelievably nice and caring. Weather ok here but not as good as yesterday, hoping for good on Friday as we’re going to the soccer.

  5. Whoop-Whoop! :0) so excited for you both! x

  6. How wonderful to finally be doing scans, have both you and your wife shooting up with the meds, and everything really moving now. And to have 5 follicles at this point i this is fertility Goddess like behaviour!

  7. Hey Chris

    Yeah you know me by my reading matter choice hee hee…

    All the best with this cycle, DH and I are crossing everything for your guys (except my legs of course!)

    Much love

  8. You guys are in it to win it and I’m on the edge of my seat the whole time! Good luck! xxx

  9. Personally, juggling meds, appointments and work was always enough to ruin my mood, doctor’s orders or no. Perhaps I’ll suggest a couple of test-runs before the big day to my husband. 😉

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