OK…OK…I’m getting closer to posting a real post…

…but the chances are it’ll be a let down when I finally do…after all this build-up..

So here’s another cartoon for the meantime.

There you go…later all.


~ by HopelesslyTTC on 22/06/2010.

6 Responses to “OK…OK…I’m getting closer to posting a real post…”

  1. Bwaaaa haaa haaa haa!

    I love it! Your catoons are hilarious. You should submit them to Conceive magazine!!!

    • Cheers…glad you’re enjoying them. I’ve never heard of this magazine…is it in the states? Pretty sure no-one would want to print this kind of thing…some of them are hardly PC – probably upset somebody.
      But glad you’re enjoying them.
      Cheers for commenting

  2. LOVE IT!! And I’ll choose not to elaborate on the Men & Directions thingymabob………..

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