Welcome back to the East German judge…

Hi Kids,

I know, I know…it’s been an absolute age since last I chatted to you, and I’ll tell you all about it in a few weeks. I promise to explain myself fully and give you all the details…

But for now, your mom has been nagging me to post for a while now. The problem seems to be that the last post I made was the one where I was bitching about the problems commenting on blogspot posts. And this miserable post has been sitting on your mom’s blog page ever since (she carries a little extract of my most recent post on her homepage for anyone wanting a balanced view of the situation).

I’ve been ignoring your mom’s nagging (a dangerous endeavour I know…but I need some excitement in my life), but it now turns out she’s being nagged by one or two of her readers about my distinct lack of posting…so I promised to put a short post up…

Well, the great news is that I had an SA almost two weeks ago and the amazing, exciting, unbelievable news is that they found motile sperm…yup, they found swimmers a-swimming…

As you can imagine, this is the most incredible news for us, and I promise to bare my soul about it all in a couple of weeks time. I’ve got the most ridiculous amount of work on for the next week and a half…not sure there’ll be time for sleeping, let alone time to compose a series of considered and thought-out posts.

Your mom and I have been having many interesting discussions since the motile swimmers news (as I’m sure you can imagine) and we had a good chat about things last night…this proved to be a fatal mistake…you see, I’ve been fairly successful in keeping IF and our battle for a family out of my mind for the last few months…sort of taking a break from it all (other then the constant shots in the arse which are never-ending!)…but last night’s chat got my brain working again…and you guessed it…I couldn’t get to sleep. The strange thing is that the thoughts going through my head were totally different to the thoughts that normally bring on a SNAIF. These thoughts were down a whole different track and I decided to get up and jot things down, in the hopes that I may then be able to get back to sleep.

And the things I jotted down were ideas for a whole series of silly cartoons taking the piss out of Infertility, South Africa and many other things…Now, I enjoy sketching, I like to think I’m reasonably good at it, but only when sketching something real that’s right in front of me…I’m no cartoonist, that’s for sure. But, with the help of clipart, below is my first cartoon in the series. Please don’t be offended by it (or any other’s I may choose to create and post), it’s just me trying to look at things with humour – my defence mechanism…and if you don’t like my sense of humour…stop reading!

So that’s it then…not the funniest cartoon ever, not pretending to be real (I don’t have any stats on South African success rates on ICSI versus the rest of the world), but this is what my mind was thinking at midnight last night…go figure!!

Anyway, I’ve gotta cut this post off – I’ve got a mound of work to do and a rapidly approaching deadline!!

I promise I will be back to posting in a few weeks time.

It’s nice chatting to you again, I actually think I’ve missed you guys…and you guys aren’t the only thing back in my life after a short break…since receiving the news of the swimmers, it seems the East German judge is back in the corner, eagerly watching your mom’s return to her elaborate dismount routine…she’s gonna be ready for the next Olympics at this rate!!

~ by HopelesslyTTC on 20/05/2010.

8 Responses to “Welcome back to the East German judge…”

  1. Yay! Welcome back I always enjoy reading your posts. Love the cartoon and i’m looking forward to some more 🙂

    PS – Congrats on the motile sperm – makes all those arse-numbing shots worth it 😉

  2. YEAH for the swimmers!! I am happy for you (and the swimmers!!) I personally think that cartoon is hysterical! I LOL’d (uh, is that even a real word?) I am glad that I found you and your wife’s blog. It is good to hear your side also, and it is awesome when you can see both sides of the same story. It helps so much to see men talking (typing?) about similar things that my husband is going through. Thanks!!!!

  3. So wonderful to hear from you again! And a HUGE WOOOOPPPREEEEE for those swimmers! the cartoon is great. 🙂

  4. Shoo.. welcome back! I actually have a very bruised bottom from falling off my chair 😉 Sooo glad you posted – and we’re all very excited to hear your side of your Great SA News!!!!!!

    Lovelovelove the cartoon… had a bit of a guffaw when I read it!

  5. The cartoon is hilarious!!!!! And I loved the news of your SA. Amazing, amazing, amazgin! Welcome Back. Please keep blogging!

  6. Thanks all for the overwhelming response. I promise, I promise, I promise I will post as soon as this crazy-hectic bit of work is over…and I’ll even try my hand at drawing a cartoon or two.

  7. Nice to have you back… thanks for sharing I so enjoy it, makes me laugh and cry. BTW I still don’t manage to do the housework first…

  8. Great to hear you’ve had some good news! Hope more join the party …

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