What’s in a name

Hi Kids, I’m feeling a lot better today, although still feeling ‘delicate’ shall we say. I was gonna try and keep things lighter today, thought about discussing Religion, or Politics…but have decided to scrap that and talk about names.

Your mother and I have had some discussions about names for you guys in the past, but we’re steering well clear of that now – feels like the kind of thing you should only talk about as you approach the due date – don’t want to jinx things, etc, etc. But it’s become clear to me that I can’t keep referring to you guys while writing here as ‘kids’, ‘son’, ‘daughter’, etc. It’s not that those aren’t correct, just a bit clumsy.

So, I’ve decided today to give you names. This is a big step!!

I’ve given it a bit of thought and want you to know that these names aren’t what we’ve decided we want to call you when you actually do pop out of your mother…they’re just for use here, in these chats. Just something for me to call you.

We’ll start with you son. You probably are well aware of the fact that I am absolutely 100% addicted to The West Wing. We own all seven seasons on DVD and I’ve watched them all a good few times (I’ll probably be inflicting them on you as soon as you can talk!). This is the ONLY TV show I’ve really enjoyed since MacGyver and Air Wolf when I was a kid. You probably know all about the West Wing, and there are a good few characters that I love. Martin Sheen plays the part of POTUS (the president of the United States). Josaih Bartlet. Now, before you get worried, I’m not gonna call you Josaih – sounds a bit old fashioned to me…but his loved ones call him ‘Jed’. And I like that name. Sounds masculine, salt of the earth (although that’s hardly the character portrayed by Martin Sheen), solid and dependable. Jed Bartlet is intelligent, caring and considerate, but able to make the difficult decisions and stick by his guns. He uses force when necessary, but shows compassion and a willingness to consider other peoples point of view, their opinions and ideas, he worships his family and would protect them from anything…and I like that too. So, without the robes, the witnesses and the font of holy water, I nevertheless christen you Jed…

Over to you my darling daughter…and before you run around rending your hair or making some other outrageous display of disapproval, I’m not going to christen you Abigail (although after 155 episodes I’ve grown to like that name too). You, I’m christening Jade. The name Jade always conjures up in my mind, thoughts of rare and wonderful things, things of great beauty and wonder, things incredibly precious yet mysterious, with hidden depths and a fascinating history. Something men hunt to the ends of the earth to find. Jade. It also happens to start with the letter J, just like your mom’s first name (and your brother’s now that I think of it) and I love the idea of you guys having the same initials…sort of another thing you guys can share.

So, Jed and Jade…hiya. (actually, now that I put the two names together, it seems slightly weird, but tough!)

While we’re talking about names, I wanted to mention your grand parents…but this can get confusing because if I say ‘grand mother’ I’ll need to clarify whether it’s my mom or your mom’s mom.

Your mom’s best friend (well the best friend she isn’t married to!!) has Danish ancestry.  We’ll call her Robin as in the bird (and no, that’s not a reference to her red breast as she comes to grips with breast-feeding her 1 week old daughter). Now the Danes haven’t really given the world much – their great’est thing after all is a breed of dog…yes I am a fan of the apple or custard varieties, but other than their dogs and danishes, I can’t think of another contribution they’ve made to the world and it’s people (other than the Vikings, who were pretty cool I admit!). But the one thing they have figured out is how to avoid the confusion about naming grandparents. You see, what they’ve done is break the word down into two parts…the first part tells you which parents parents we’re talking about and the second part tells you if its their mother or father…so farmor is the paternal grandmother, and mormor is the maternal grandmother (and similarly with farfar and morfar being the paternal grandfather and the maternal grandfather respectively)…genius I’m sure you’ll agree!

We’ll try a similar thing to avoid confusion…I’m gonna call my mom & dad ‘nan & grandad’ from now on and we’ll call your mom’s parents ‘granny & pops’. Sorted.

Good. That’s the housekeeping out of the way then.

I better get on and do some work before your mom gets home!!! So I’ll chat again to you guys tomorrow. Till then, Jed & Jade, sleep well…

~ by HopelesslyTTC on 25/08/2009.

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