Bricking it…

In the UK, there’s a term that I heard people use when they’re scared witless…they say they’re “bricking it”…now I’m not 100% sure where this term originated (I’ll try and find out), but it always seemed to me to be a slightly more polite way of saying “I’m shitting bricks!”…another wonderful phrase to express being scared stiff…

So, basically, the way I feel this morning, I could be building an extension on the house!

Kids, as you know, I had my SA yesterday. We weren’t expecting to be able to get any results till next Friday (8 days later) when we next visit the fertility clinic…but yesterday, as I was about to leave, Miss Gorgeous Lab Technician said that she’d have the results to the nurse by tomorrow afternoon (today now)……….The results from this SA will determine our POA (plan of action – one of the less confusing but more common acronyms used in the infertility world). But, more importantly, this will determine whether we try to have you guys using my genetic material, or whether we go straight down the sperm donor route…so it sort of feels like THIS IS IT…will I be your daddy 100%, or will some anonymous guy be part of you.

I don’t want you to think that I have reservations about using donor sperm – if that’s what we have to do to have you guys, then I’ll do it happily…hell I’ll give the guy a hand if he needs it…WHATEVER IT TAKES!! But, there’s this part of me that’s desperate for you to be 100% mine…

So, your mom will call the nurse sometime this afternoon to get the answer that affects everything from here on out.

She has to make the call for a couple of reasons:

  1. I hate telephones – something to do with working in a call centre for a few years, and
  2. in a lot of ways your mother’s so much stronger than I am – she likes to face things head on, with all the information and a carefully laid out plan of attack

She’s not working today (not working most Friday’s at the moment) so the two of us have been sitting in the home office since early this morning, surfing the web, emailing, posting on the Fertilicare forum, checking out the odd bit of porn (but maybe that was just me), whatever, but sitting here, together but apart, willing away the hours, not really speaking, thinking our separate thoughts, waiting for ‘this afternoon’ to come so that we can get the answer…Kemo Sabe, we need you!!!

~ by HopelesslyTTC on 21/08/2009.

One Response to “Bricking it…”

  1. Great post! You have such a fantastic sense of humour! Absolutely refreshing to get a guys perspective! Have to show my hubby your blog!

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