In search of the Lone Ranger…part 1

Hi Kids. So, this is my first real post to you guys and I’m afraid you’re being thrown in at the deep end! It’s not bad parenting or tough love…it’s just timing, I’m afraid. I don’t know how old you’ll be when you read this, but it may give you some very bad images of your Dad…so if you want to skip over this one and come back to it at some other stage, that’s fine.

You see, the thing is, today I’m going for an SA…no, SA doesn’t just stand for South Africa…in this instance it stands for Semen Analysis – basically I’ll be providing the lab with a ‘sample’ for them to see if I have any semen, and if I do, what sort of condition they’re in. Now the word ‘semen’ seems to be something to be avoided when discussing issues with other infertiles (that’s the name they’ve chosen for themselves) – the socially accepted term seems to be ‘swimmers’. So, I’ll be visiting the infertility clinic this morning to (try) and provide them with a container full of swimmers…so they can figure out the chances of me actually being able to provide my genetic material when creating you guys…but the chances aren’t good…this isn’t my first SA.

The results from the first one (from a few months ago) was zero…no swimmers. But, we took the sample to a generic pathology lab, who probably don’t do as many SA’s as the infertility clinic (and there was also a question about transportation, but that’s a whole new post!). This time, I’ll be providing the sample in ‘real-time’ so to speak, right there in the clinic…so fingers crossed for a better result.

I’m not expecting miracles…the testosterone injections I’ve been on actually inhibit swimmer production, but just really hoping that the other lab missed a few (it may after all be the ‘needle in the haystack’ type scenario). Someone on the Fertilicare forum, when talking about Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI is the acronym and you can see in this example why using the acronym is so much easier than the saying the full name) which is where they literally inject 1 swimmer right into the egg and then put the egg back into the woman, said that for this procedure, they literally only need the one sperm cell – that one Lone Ranger.

And that’s all I ask for from this SA…I don’t need to come away from this test with my dignity intact, or avoid embarrassment, or fill the cup to overflowing with 20 million Mark Spitz’s or Ian Thorpe’s…all I want is just that one Lone Ranger, because without it, I’m not gonna be your biological father and that makes me sad…not because I will love you any less, but because I want to give you everything I possibly can in this life…and the starting point for that is my genes.

~ by HopelesslyTTC on 20/08/2009.

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